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50% Autobiographical    50% Sea Stories    100% Entertaining!

        George E. Murphy once again shares his memories from his forty- three-year career with United States Lines. In Scuttlebutt, his second book, he recounts true stories from his time spent aboard both cargo and passenger ships in numerous ports of call, as well as on the piers and in the corporate offices. This telltale book includes humorous anecdotes and sea stories, picking up from  his previous book, It  Didn't Happen On My Watch, to the company's bankruptcy in 1986 and his retirement.                

        Come aboard and relive some of the wild adventures Murphy was privileged to experience in the various engineering positions he held. In this second collection of sea stories, he fondly remembers the hilarious antics and embarrassing moments of the people with whom he worked. From the captains to engineers to the crew, their stories are immortalized in these tales of Scuttlebutt.
Scuttlebutt - Soft Cover, 191pp, photos, $20.40incl.: s/h, NJ res. add $1.14
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It Didn't Happen on My Watch

        Written from the unique down under perspective of the engine room, It Didn't Happen On My Watch spans over 40 years United States Lines history from W.W.II and its glory years to its slow decent into bankruptcy. But Murphy doesn't stop at his own stories. The stories of his shipmates and the many fascinating people he encountered on the seven seas are fair game as well.

        The humorous, the heroic, the ridiculous. The cook who lost his finger while saving the life of a sailor who, moments before, pushed the cook off a life raft after their ship was torpedoed. The famous actor who lost his pants in the first class ballroom. The botched burial at sea that turned into an international incident.

         The wartime antics that will leave you wondering how we ever won the war. These and many other stories, accompanied by fascinating photos, make Murphy's book one you will want to read and share with all your friends.
It Didn't Happen On My Watch - Hard cover, 360pp, photos, $23.95 incl.: s/h, NJ res. add $1.20
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