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US Merchant Marine Vets of W.W.II Salutes George Murphy

Canton Ohio Hall Of Fame Chapter

March 30, 1999 -- Chapter Officers scanning George Murphy's book, "IT DIDN'T HAPPEN ON MY WATCH" salute well know retired Merchant Marine Veteran writer at March meeting held in Canton, Ohio. Murphy, of New Milford, NJ, a graduate of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy was aboard the merchant ship "Clara Barton". The now veteran writer started his merchant marine career as a third assistant engineer aboard the "Clara Barton" and participated in the Normandy invasion, landing at Utah Beach.

A sister ship, the "Charles Morgan" along side the "Clara Barton" was hit and sunk on June 10, 1943. Both ships were deeply laden with Army vehicles in the cargo holds, fighter planes on deck. There were 44 Merchant Marine personnel, 12 Navy Armed Guard headed by an officer and Army security officer.

George Murphy is on the board of directors for the United Seamen's Service located at One World Trade Center, New York, NY. The Ohio Merchant Marine Chapter has collected books in the Cleveland, Akron and Canton Ohio area and forwarded them to the American Merchant Marine Library Association in the care of the United Seamen's Service , New York City for distribution aboard American flag merchant vessels.

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